Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Broome / 80 Mile Beach 18/9/2013

We both decided that there had to be more to Cable Beach, so did a bit more research. Turns out that you can drive on the beach, just on the other side of the rocks, 22km of beach waiting to be explored. We packed up and headed down to the beach, now this was more like it, really beautiful and worth taking the time. We drove down, found our spot and spent the morning, walking, collecting shells and relaxing. Heavenly.

Our next destination was 80 mile beach, renowned for the amazing shells on the beach. As we were now travelling on asphalt roads, the camping opportunities are quite limited. There are a number of spots designated for camping, we stopped at some of them but they were full of Grey Nomads, in motorhomes with massive aircon units. These were definitely not an option for us, so we carried on looking for a gravel pit. All the side roads were gated, so as it was getting dark, the first ungated road we found we turned into. We have excellent maps, so could see it was heading to a bore. We drove about 3km down, and set up for the night.

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