Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Denham 26/9/2013

Today was our last day, and Cassy had organised for us to go back out on the boat again. Part of the original package was a sunset cruise that we had booked for the evening, so a full day of boating it was. As usual the wind was really blowing, and although it was cool the sun was shining. We knew what to expect this time, so went armed with warm clothes as well as light ones.  This time we got onto the boat early and claimed the bench seat up the front
It was great fun, the kids as usual kept everyone entertained and asked the crew a million questions. It was great fun, we all got involved in spotting and as a result we saw Dugongs as well as Dolphins and a load of Turtles. It was cold even with jerseys on, so the crew girl got out the weather proof jackets and handed them out – bliss! It was quite funny, there was a Canadian family on board and they were all in shorts and t-shirts, they kept looking at all the Aussie wimps with sympathy!

That cruise over, we had an hour to kill. Still quite cold we went and had hot chocolates and got changed into jeans and jackets for the evening trip. We got back on the boat and reclaimed our spot, most of the people on the earlier trip were also on the Sunset cruise. We motored gently with the wind, and then turned out to sea, and into the wind – it was freezing. We were all sitting shivering, the jackets were quickly brought out again and we all sat huddled together, jackets on as well as spares to go over our legs.

It was a fantastic cruise, the skipper turned off the engines and we just drifted along with the current for around half an hour. Just before sunset he turned us back towards shore, and as he picked up speed it got really cold. Michael the clown of the family kept us as well as the crew entertained with his antics, in fact we all laughed the whole time.
By the time we got back to shore we were all frozen, we hurried back to the cars and I don’t know about the kids, but Iain cranked up the heater until about half way home. We all collapsed into bed exhausted after another fun day.

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