Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Denham 23/9/2013

We had bought entry passes to the Monkey Mia reserve, valid for a month, so we decided that we would go there to feed the Dolphins and check out the pier and the boat we would be sailing on after renewing our vows tomorrow. It was an early morning as the dolphins come in for their first feed at around 7.45. I don’t know how we managed it but we got there on the dot 7.45! There were already plenty of people there, but we managed to get a good spot on the foreshore. It was really interesting listening to the rangers talk about the individual animals, they all have great stories. Matt was really hoping to be chosen to feed them, as he missed out when we were last there and he was little.
After the feeding, We noticed that the Catamaran had been moved t the pier, so iain and I went to go and have a chat with the crew to ask if we could take photos in all our gear after the ceremony. When we told them we had been married 25years, the youngest crew member informed us we were the first people he had met that had managed to stay married for so long!
It was very windy and quite cool, so we founfd the family tucked up in the restaurant drinking tea and coffee. The dolphins came back in, so Matt, Jenny and myself went back down. This time I got some better pictures, but matt still wasn’t chosen to feed them – he was disappointed, but enjoyed it all the same. The obligatory stop in the tourist shop was made and then we moved on to Little Lagoon.
Iain and I went back to the house to pick up some stuff, that we had forgotten – minor stuff like drinks lol! We met the kids back at the lagoon, they had managed to commandeer a shelter but couldn’t drive to it in the hire car. We drove right up to it and tried to use the car as a wind break – have I mentioned that it was very windy! We spent a couple of hours there before we had all had enough of being cold, so we packed up and went back to the house.
That evening Iain and I went to Mass to meet the priest, a young guy from the Phillipines, that was doing our ceremony. He only says Mass there once a month and he had moved it back a week to accommodate us – so lovely. He was waiting and waiting for people to arrive, eventually he started Mass – it was then it dawned on us, he was waiting for us, he was expecting an older couple lol. After Mass we introduced ourselves and he burst out laughing – we were right!

The rest of the evening was spent doing nails, dying my hair and Cassy finished sewing the lace on my dress. She informed me on a few occasions, hand sewing is not her favourite pastime, love her to bits.

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