Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Denham 25/9/2013

The wind was still blowing a gale, but we were determined not to let it spoil our fun. The local aquarium was our first stop. It was certainly very different from any aquarium I have ever been too, with mostly open tanks, but probably the best. There was an ongoing tour that you could join at any time. The guides were fantastic with a lot of knowledge and info on all ,the different species. They also had an outdoor shark pool, a bit creepy to see them so close, but fascinating to watch, especially when they were fed.

After a milkshake stop in the restaurant we went on to shell beach. An incredible beach with no sand, but millions of tiny little shells instead. The tide was way out, so Mike, Sean, Iain and myself went for a walk to the water. It was quite cold and the wind was fierce. Mike and Sean once again determined to have as much fun as possible went for a swim. Iain and I decided to start heading back, stopping at a few vantage points.
We arrived at Eagle Bluff, it was a high point where you could look down into very shallow water and see sharks and rays in the crystal clear water. Quite amazing , I’m sure on a calm day the view would be even better. On our way back to the car we met the kids, they had decided it was just too windy on the beach as well.

We all went back home, Iain and I started packing everything back into the car, while the kids entertained themselves with various card games like snap!

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