Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Cape Leveque 14/9/2013 - 16/9/2013

This is our rest spot so I’m doing it all in one.
We got up at sunrise and packed up, by 7.30 we were on the road and heading North. We weren’t quite sure where we were going to stay, so decided to find somewhere nice and stop there. We went all the way to the top to Cape Leveque, we had read that it was a very nice place with beach shacks that you could camp next to. When we arrived we soon realised that this was not our cup of tea – very touristy, with campers lined up like bullets! We had a cup of coffee and cake while we did some research. Iain found a campground that had very basic facilities and was difficult to find without instructions or knowledge, so we decided that might just be our best option.

It was certainly very obscure, and we weren’t even sure that we were on the right road, it was very sandy with deep ruts. As we rounded a corner, there was a car in front of us – stuck – he wasn’t going anywhere. We managed to get around him and Iain snatched him out, he was very pleased that a Land Rover had to rescue a Landcruiser!

 It was a local man and he confirmed that we were definitely on the right track. We pulled into Bully’s camp and it was empty, and we had internet, we were very happy. Jeff the caretaker got us set up in a beautiful spot, and the relaxing began.

For the next couple of days we caught up on blog, went for walks on the beach, took loads of photos and generally just relaxed. It was bliss.

There have to be a few honourable mentions. First would be the toilet/ shower block. Now Jeff obviously gets no funding so everything is pretty basic, the problem is that the floor of the elevated amenities block is rotting! I was seriously scared every time I went in there. I did however discover that there was a separate building that had a shower in it, I felt a lot safer in there. The other thing would be, being woken up at 1.30am by some campers that had to relocate from another campsite because of a bush fire. I felt sorry for them, but was not impressed that we got very little sleep with a big day of driving ahead of us.

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