Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Carnarvon / Denham 21/9/2013

Today was the day! We packed up quickly and got on our way to Carnarvon. We arrived early, so the shops were still closed. We found a coffee shop by the foreshore and had fabulous scones and coffee. I logged on to facebook and everyone looked at us strange when we both burst out laughing – the kids had posted pictures of their travels.

I must say it made my heart swell with love and pride, they really had taken on a big journey to make one of our dreams come true, so proud of my beautiful family.
 Woolworths was the next stop, by now the kids had arrived in Geraldton, so we managed to not double up on supplies. It was hilarious when we tried to pack them in the car – every nook and cranny was stuffed, I sat with a box of Pepsi max and 3 loaves of bread in my footwell. Needless to say I sat with my legs on the box most of the way. When we were in Port Headland we had organised to have some new tyres delivered to Beaurepairs in Carnarvon. We decided to stop in on the off chance they had arrived – they had, that morning. The owner said that if we came back in an hour they would fit them. Back to the shops we went, this time to find a microfibre blanket, it has been freezing in the tent at night. We eventually found one and went back to get the tyres fitted, none too soon the old ones were really badly cut up.

Finally we got on our way Denham. It was such a boring drive, km after km of straight asphalt with nothing interesting to look at, we got really excited every time we came across a roadhouse. We found a hill with a lookout just before the turnoff to Denham, we went up and took some photos. We saw a cairn of objects on the edge, when we got closer we saw that it was loads of garden gnomes. Intrigued we walked around and realised that it was a memorial cairn, and people from all over left gnomes with messages on them remembering loved ones – very touching.
We were in the home stretch now, and we knew it would be a race to see who would get there first. When we were in mobile range, my phone rang, we were only 20km away and the little buggers had beaten us!

 It was such a relief to know that they were safe, we were both worried because they had had such little sleep, and were driving on strange rural roads.It was so fantastic to see them, they were all in the holiday mood, so the laughs began almost immediately. I had bought a lamb roast for dinner, so we quickly got that on, then Cassy, Mike and Sean went for a walk, while the rest of us caught up.

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